Rudy Fettig, President
Rudy is Vice President/General Counsel of Real Capital Solutions and has over twenty years of experience in all phases of commercial real estate transactions, real estate finance and leasing, as well as serving as counsel for the three non-profit foundations formed by the company’s CEO. Rudy received his B.S. in finance and real estate from the University of Colorado and received his J.D. from the University of Denver School of Law.
James Roome, Vice President
Jim is an assistant principal at Eaglecrest High School, in Cherry Creek Public Schools.  He has been in education for 21 years. Before moving into administration, Jim spent 17 years in the classroom as a Social Studies teacher. Jim received his BA in Social Sciences from Colorado College and his MBA in Administrative Educational Leadership from Grand Canyon University. This is his first experience as a member of a Board of Directors and he enjoys every minute of the experience.
Nana Jacquemard
Nana Jacquemard has been an active community volunteer in the Boulder County Region for many years. Born and raised in Boulder, Nana attended the University of Colorado where she earned her BA in Music in 1982. Nana raised three boys in the Boulder Region, the youngest of whom attended Catalyst High School during its first year. He has gone on and done well at the University of Arizona. Nana’s appreciation for Catalyst’s unique educational program led her to volunteer for several months helping the school administration prepare for the North Central Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement Quality Assurance Review. After the completion of that project, Nana decided to join the Catalyst Board. Meanwhile Nana continues to volunteer with Catalyst weekly in the front office.
Gerald Hertz
Gerald is a research biologist, most recently specializing in computational biology. He is also the father of a Catalyst student. Gerald has a BS in Biology from MIT and a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Wisconsin.
Pam Constantine
Pamela Constantine joined the Catalyst Board in September 2010.  As a parent of a former student who had special needs, advocating for kids has always been a priority.  She has worked in executive office management for over 25 years and has devoted most of her free time between philanthropic and nonprofit organizations.  Currently she is the Office Manager for Spatial Corp in Broomfield, CO where she has been employed for 13 years.  She is also an active member of the Board of Directors for Highland Christian Church in Denver.

Alyson Katz

Alyson Katz comes to Catalyst with a wide range of experience, including being the mother of a former Chinook student. She has years of service in both public and private education, and several years as a project manager and director in the business sector. She is currently an educator in Boulder Valley Public Schools and at Regis University.  She has taught special education, organizational skills, and instructional technology.  Prior to entering education, she was the Technical Support / Project Manager in the Miami-Dade County, Administrative Office of the Courts. She has a B.S. in Education, Learning and Behavioral Disorders and a M.A. in Educational Technology. She has a passion for teaching and believes that everyone can learn.

Elizabeth George

Elizabeth George, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist in Boulder, Colorado. Dr. George has been involved in research studying treatments for bipolar disorder for 20 years. She has helped to develop several treatments: Family Focused Therapy (FFT) for adults with bipolar disorder, Integrated Family and Individual Treatment (IFIT) for adults with bipolar disorder, FFT-Adolescent (family therapy for adolescents with bipolar disorder), and FFT-High Risk (family therapy designed to prevent worsening of mood swings in children and adolescents at risk for developing bipolar disorder). Dr. George has also been trained in several empirically validated treatments for depression and bipolar disorder (i.e., Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and treatments for trauma (i.e., Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Brainspotting). Dr. George co-authored a nonfiction book, The Bipolar Teen: What you can do to help your child and your family (The Guilford Press, 2008). Dr. George has also published over 15 articles in peer review journals on the topic of bipolar disorder and treatment outcome. Dr. George has presented at various conferences including the International Bipolar Conference on the treatment of bipolar disorder. Dr. George also has a private practice in Boulder, Colorado where she specializes in treating mood and anxiety disorders including post traumatic stress disorder. She has a particular interest in the treatment of the bipolar spectrum disorders.

Terry Taylor
Dr. Terry Taylor has been involved in higher education at the post-secondary level for over 25 years in several teaching and administrative positions. Since 1985, Dr. Taylor has served in a variety of teaching and administrative positions in higher education, including faculty member, Department Head, Dean of Students, Director of Curriculum, and Manager of New Product Development. She then served as President of Quantum Integrations, a privately held curriculum development firm and now works independently in curriculum development, instructional design, non-profit program development, and educational consulting. She has a B.S in Biology, an M.S. in Exercise Physiology, and a Ph.D. in Food Science and Human Nutrition. Dr. Taylor has spoken nationally on curriculum, accreditation, and faculty development topics and has published several textbooks on student and faculty success topics. Her range of positions and experiences allows a unique understanding of the business side of higher education as well as the challenges facing administrators and faculty in providing quality education and effective services to students.
Keith Collins
Keith Collins has spent much of his career as lawyer dedicated to helping at-risk youth of Boulder County. He started his career as a prosecutor in the Boulder District Attorney’s Office where he handled thousands of juvenile delinquency cases. During his time at the DA’s office, he also established close working relationships with many of the professionals and agencies that provide services to Boulder’s youth. Keith has maintained and fostered these critical relationships over the years as he transitioned into private practice providing legal defense for juvenile and adult clients. As a private practitioner, Keith likely handles more juvenile delinquency cases than any other private attorney in the county. He and his partner are the “go-to” experts when it comes to juvenile defense. In addition to his efforts on the job, Keith has served on the board of directors and consulted with various local non-profits dedicated to serving Boulder’s youth. Keith is dedicated to helping at-risk youth in our community, both inside and outside the courtroom.

Our board of directors is very active and is committed to making Catalyst the very best it can be. It includes parents and educators, as well as those with business, financial, and legal experience. We’re currently seeking minorities, women, and well-connected fund raisers.