In the Words of Parents of Our Students

It is important for you to know that my daughter is the happiest and most focused she has been in years, and it is all because of the educational opportunity at Catalyst. She now has a chance of showing everyone just how smart and talented she is, without the worry of being ostracized. She actually tells everyone that she ‘loves’ school which she has never said before. She is happy to get up in the morning and does not dread going to school. It is truly a miracle! Each of you has made her feel welcome, as if she is part of a family.

Additionally, my daughter is now more energized and she has ignited her desire to learn. The entire staff has taken the time to get to know who she is as an individual and have provided her with extra materials specific to her outside interests, such as film and music. This type of learning environment is providing her with the individual attention she needs in order for her to be a very successful student.

Thank you so very much!

Wendy Leeds, parent of 2013-2014 student

Tim is still stationed in Honolulu – married and expecting a baby soon!  He’s doing really well in his career — promoting rapidly and loving what he does. Catalyst gave him such a gift. He was one of those kids who really needed to get out of the cloister of the classroom and into real life, so he could get his hands on actual problems that needed solving.  He had to care about the subject in order to invest the time and energy to learn it, and you guys made that happen for him.  He still talks about things he learned from his Catalyst teachers. I will forever be grateful!
Karen Alonge

“I am happy to report that Alex is off to Arizona State University on the 19th of August, thanks to all of you at Catalyst High School!  I am always raving about your program to other people!”
Nana J., parent

“Our son has friends at Catalyst, and teachers who care about him and work closely with him to tailor his education to his specific needs.  The teachers know him so well that he feels completely supported and gets the assistance that he needs to be successful.  I don’t know where we would be at this point without Catalyst as an alternative to traditional high school.”
Patti R., parent

“Thank you so much for helping out all along the way. Natalie cherishes Catalyst as do we.”
Tony C., parent

“We couldn’t be more thrilled! Tyler is working hard and learning to manage his time better than ever before. Thank you for all you’ve done to bring this opportunity to us.”
Renee J., parent

“What a different school experience this is from her past. What a difference this makes in her life.”
Amy W., parent

“Not only is this the first and only high school that worked for Shawn, it’s the most focused I’ve seen him in twelve years of education.”
Chris C., parent

“You have assembled a staff with tremendous caring spirit.  Each teacher’s ability to bond with Justin helped him develop the confidence and self-esteem to continue his education and to succeed outside of school.”
Rodney R., parent

“Alex is so happy and seeing such potential for what he wants to do in life.  We cannot thank you enough for helping to create this transformation.”
Christy B, parent

“Susan continues to amaze us all with her fortitude and drive to succeed in life.  So much of her ability to move forward is the result of your belief in her and the support she received at your wonderful school.  We are all huge fans of Catalyst!  You have made a profound difference in Susan’s life, and we are so very grateful.”
Mikhy  R., community sponsor

“Koji’s time at Catalyst made a huge difference in how he sees himself as a person and learner, increased his confidence and sense of ability, and gave him perspective about his learning strengths and challenges.”
Yasko E., parent

“Ed, there is no doubt your school is a hero in my life.  You have made a significant difference in both my daughters’ lives.  Jenny is a junior now at CU and is on the Dean’s list, and Michelle feels ‘whole’ again.”
Susan O., parent

“I’ve told everyone how much Catalyst impresses me. Kaitlin is doing very well these days, and she and I both credit Catalyst for her improvements.”
Mary H., parent

“Congratulations to Ed and the Catalyst staff for your dedication to this effort!  Your commitment to the school and students is tremendous, and we are so fortunate to be part of the Catalyst community.”
Dianne K., parent

“We believe that many things make this an ideal learning environment.  The staff does an excellent job of directing and motivating the students.  The curriculum is structured in a way that is excellent preparation for college-level courses; much independent research, reading, and writing.  Many thanks to the staff for helping our two daughters and many other students succeed.”
Mark and Kim W. parents

“Catalyst has several features that worked for Marissa:  First, she was able to tailor her classes to her interests, needs and unique creativity.  That really suited her independent personality, and gave her a chance to express herself in positive ways.  Second, there is a strong focus on inclusiveness.  Marissa told me many times what a relief it was to be away from public high school with all the pressure to conform. Third, because the instructors know your child, they don’t slip through the cracks as they do in a huge public high school.  There were many times when my daughter was supported by staff to make wiser choices in her life.  Having other concerned, caring adults in her life is worth its weight in gold!”
Emily M., parent



Parents become a member of the Catalyst Family too. Their love and passion for their own children spills over and helps us all. We laugh a lot together.