Catalyst’s Health Program

Our students’ health and well-being form the foundation of learning and success in life. Catalyst’s health focus is evident throughout our school.

Community Health Survey

Catalyst conducts a Student Health & Risk Behavior Survey and the 40 Developmental Assets Profile survey with each of our students. These surveys help the school assess individual needs as well as the broader requirements of the school population. We implement changes through our school-wide health improvement plan.

During the accreditation process, this school health initiative garnered strong commendations from the NCA/CASI review team.

Health Curriculum

Our health curriculum is aimed at helping students learn relevant and critical skills based on specific, individual needs. Health-related skills include:

Accessing resources
Practicing healthy behaviors
Effective communication
Decision making
Advocating for one’s needs
Analyzing messages in the media

A Campus Free of Illegal Drug Use

Catalyst High School is a drug-free school. Use or possession of controlled substances, including tobacco, at or near school will result in suspension and possible withdrawal from school. If a student has had a history of substance abuse or if possible future substance abuse is a concern, a drug screen may be required for admission or for continued attendance. In cooperation with the parent(s)/guardians, the school may require drug screening and/or therapy. For additional information, see Catalyst Drug-Free Campus Policy.

FROM our HEAD OF SCHOOLTo us, education involves the mind, body and spirit. We believe that excellent academics can only be built on a firm foundation of physical, mental and emotional health. That is why the first goal of the school, each staff member, and each student is a health-related goal. We’re proud to have a program that supports these goals.