Our Staff

Excellence & Caring

Each member of our staff is an experienced methodologist and educator. We're interested in making our students understand the material and be able to summarize it, without the necessity to find prime essays anywhere else.

Rather than being a “sage on the hill,” each member of our faculty is a facilitator of learning. We love to learn with our students! Working with creative, curious and resilient teens is very satisfying to us. We enjoy supporting teens as they gain the confidence, motivation, and desire to become personally, socially and academically successful, equipped with a strong arsenal of contemporary skills.

Our faculty is supported by our administration indian pharmacy cialis cialis ajunta pharma india, student services, support systems.

Together, our staff has over 300 years of experience in education – over 20 years each on average. More than 89% of our teachers have advanced degrees from a wide range of universities across the United States. During the NCA accreditation process, our teachers received strong commendations for their commitment and excellence.




Outside of school hours, our teachers pursue personal passions such as dance, music, writing, cooking, and outdoor recreation.

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While earning the highest possible level of accreditation, the NCA team considered Catalyst’s dedicated teachers and staff among their highest areas of commendation.

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