Talk About Catalyst

“The best thing about Catalyst is the student-directed pacing –to be able to speed up learning when its easy and slow it down when it’s hard.”
Barry, student

“Here no one can slip between the cracks. I love it because everyone is accepted for their different individual self, and the cliquey, everyone-needs-to-fit-in scene just doesn’t exist.”
Marissa, graduate

“I love that I can truly be myself at Catalyst.  The environment is so supportive.”
Cailin, student

“The enthusiasm and creativity that flowed from the teachers was amazing.  Every day I went to school and felt blessed, comfortable and happy about the progress I was making.  Without this support, I don’t know where I would be today.”
Izadora, graduate

“This is the first time in my whole life where I actually feel safe at school.”
Roman, student

“Catalyst is a unique, powerful school that I really connect with.  I am so glad I’m here.”
Victoria, student

“Mom, I love my school!  The great thing about Catalyst is that they design the classes for my benefit, not theirs!”
Tim, graduate

“Knowing that so many people really cared about my education and well being has helped me through so much.
Anthony, graduate

“You have made my high school experience so much better in uncountable ways!  I love your school.  It clicked hardcore- hardcore clickage – that’s right!  You guys are really making a difference in people’s lives!”
Betsy, graduate

“I really enjoyed my time at Catalyst because of the accepting community, getting to know my teachers, and the unique ways of learning.”
Grace, graduate

“You were always ready to listen and to help.  You have truly changed my life forever.  You believed in me when even I wasn’t sure of myself.  For that I will be forever thankful.”
Chris, graduate

“You have opened my eyes to the world and to myself.  I wouldn’t have had the courage to succeed without you and the help you have given me.  You make a true difference in many lives.”
Abby, student

“Catalyst gave me the opportunity to truly understand and cherish what I was learning.  I discovered things of interest about the world and things of importance about myself. I am now a much stronger, independent student and have learned the skills that will help me thrive throughout college.”
Sierra, graduate

“My first high school felt like a place for popular kids and students who excel.  There didn’t seem to be room for kids like me who needed help and had fallen behind.  I will always be grateful for the difference you have made in my life.”
Robert, graduate

“I was a sad, lonely teenager trying to survive a cruel high school world.  I surrounded myself with new people at Catalyst and, most importantly, rebuilt my confidence.”
Kaitlyn, graduate

“All the work I do is done in a way that I enjoy and remember as I learn.  Everything is expected to be to the best of my ability and I have begun to expect nothing less form myself.”
Caleb, graduate





We love our students. We challenge them, and they challenge us. We laugh together, and sometime we cry a bit. We definitely have become a close knit community.