Beyond Graduation

Success Beyond High School

Everyone has a highly personal definition of what creates a happy, successful life. Our students express a stunningly diverse set of interests in this regard. They have highly creative ideas about what they want to do and who they want to be in life. Our job is to help them prepare to successfully create and meet those dreams. Our classes, counseling department, and college preparation support are all aimed at finding the best possible fit for each of our students as they graduate from high school.

The majority of our graduates choose to go to college or university. Most of the others have gone on to different types of training, including vocational, technical and military education. Catalyst assists each student in preparing to apply for college as well as honing the academic and personal skills needed to achieve success in a variety of post-secondary options. We help to identify educational programs and institutions that will best fit each student and their dreams.

Recent Catalyst Graduates

Lauren Steinberg

Lauren Steinberg graduated from Catalyst High School on June 12, 2014.

Lauren will be attending Front Range Community College in the fall, earning her basic credits. She loves science, and will be working towards a medical career. She is currently considering either becoming a doctor of medicine with an emphasis on women’s issues, or perhaps a doctor of veterinary medicine. She would like to stay in the area after she graduates from Front Range and hopes to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder. After she decides what direction she wants to go in her medical career, she will apply to the appropriate medical school.

JD Padrnos

JD Padrnos graduated from Catalyst High School on June 12, 2014.

JD earned perfect scores on his ACT and SAT math and critical reading tests, and has been taking classes at the Colorado School of Mines while earning his high school degree at Catalyst. He was recently named a National Merit Scholar and will be attending the School of Mines full time in the fall, where he received early admission. He plans to major in physics, and his “dream job” is to be a particle physicist at CERN, with just enough time on the side to write a novel.

Kenny Grubb

Kenny Grubb graduated from Catalyst High School on June 12, 2014.

Kenny is jumping into the work force for a while to be able to get his own apartment. He has been accepted to the Lincoln College of Technology, and plans to earn his ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) Certification. After he earns his certification he will get a job in the automotive industry and hopes one day to open his own shop.


Jacques Decalo

Jacques Decalo graduated on April 11, 2014.

Jacques did his Capstone presentation on the problem of ocean pollution and presented positive action steps to address it. Jacques left in May to go to the South of France, where he is working in the fruit packing industry for three months while perfecting his French language skills. His future plans include college with a probable emphasis in environmental studies.

Roman Bailey

Roman Bailey, graduated March 20, 2014

Roman started at Catalyst in 2010 as a freshman. He plans to go to Front Range College and get his associates degree, then transfer to CU Boulder, majoring in film. For his Capstone, Roman wrote, directed and produced a mystery thriller, Soldier of the Unknown: Mothman, and presented an analysis of film marketing.


Evan Chandler

Evan Chandler, graduated March 20, 2014

Evan entered Catalyst in the fall of 2011, and is planning on attending Metropolitan State University of Denver in the fall. He will be majoring in human performance and athletic training, with his sights on becoming a personal t rainer after graduation. The Capstone he presented at his graduation was a study on physical training and nutrition. Evan’s interest in physical fitness and nutrition led him to a deeper focus on the concept of balanced wellness in all aspects of his life.

Dustin McDaris

Dustin McDaris graduated from Catalyst on February 6, 2014.

Dustin first came to Catalyst to take a Spanish course in summer school. Dustin appreciated the small class size and supportive environment of the school, and transferred here for his junior and senior year. He greatly appreciates all the support of his teachers during these past two years.

Dustin is taking a Gap Year and will be working locally during that time. He plans to enter either Metro State or Front Range in the spring of 2015, majoring in business administration or hospitality. We will miss Dustin and his enthusiasm for learning, and we wish him all the best in his future.

Liam Fox

Liam Fox graduated from Catalyst in May, 2013, and is now a freshman at Trinity College in San Antonio. His first semester there, he earned a 3.875 GPA. He’s clearly enjoying college and doing very well! He is considering going into research or perhaps becoming an entrepreneur.

While a student at Catalyst, he concurrently took courses at CU Boulder, including General Physics I and II, Calculus III and Computer Science II – Data Structures. He is planning on a double major in computer science and physics.

Liam says Catalyst gave him a chance to get away from the “judgmental hive mind” of traditional school and focus on learning. And, he adds, he made some good friends here. We wish Liam continued success in his college life!

Stephanie Kilpatrick

Stephanie entered Catalyst as a junior, after trying on-line classes and the public system. She took classes that engaged her interest, like poetry and psychology, and also classes that would help her earn the necessary credits for college. She graduated from Catalyst in December, 2012.

Stephanie is currently studying at Front Range College, taking a full course load. She is working toward earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and plans to continue her studies at CU Denver to get her doctorate in clinical counseling. Stephanie is shown here with her brother Daniel Kilpatrick, currently a junior at Catalyst.